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Front after 14 days

Front after 14 days.

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Front after 14 days

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  1. Front after 14 days 1. The area inside the blue frame is getting narrower. The left and right sides are showing noticeable changes as they start closing in towards the belly button.2. The skin (done-lap over) is raising higher above the underwear line.3. The curve of the hipline at the waist is more pronounced.

  2. Back after 14 daysWith the image on the right, I am closer to the camera which gives the appearance that I am bigger when I’m really not. 1. I quit applying the oil to my buttocks. I didn’t know how may days the recipe would last so I concentrated what was left over on my cesarean scar. 2. My back is showing where I’m breaking out with pimples. Whiteheads are cholesterol, and so the copaiba and clove are pulling cholesterol out of my body and to the surface of my skin. Sometimes I wiped my jawline with what was still left over on my hands. My face developed whiteheads as well. 3. Applying what was left over on my hands to my face began to kill the mole on my face.

  3. Cesarean Scar after 14 days While the line is still visible from left to right, there is no texture difference. The scar tissue is as smooth as the surrounding skin except for the small area indicated by the circle in the right image. This is where the surgeon actually overlapped the top half of my abdomen too far over the bottom half of my abdomen when he stapled me back together. For the first week after the staples were removed, this area kept popping open. I used to could run my fingernail under that scar, but the copaiba has significantly reduced the texture of the scar that I can’t run my fingernail under it anymore. I can tell there is a difference in the texture of the tissue and that the tissue is higher than the surrounding tissue, but there is no lip there anymore for my fingernail to fit under.

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