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Most Bizarre Houses in the World

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Most Bizarre Houses in the World

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  1. Most Bizarre Houses in the World

  2. 1. Palace of Bubbles: $9 Million The palace of bubbles was designed by AnttiLovag; who is recognized for his revolt against traditional architectural structures.

  3. 2. The Steel House, Ransom Canyon, Texas: $3 Million Architect and Sculptor Robert Bruno have designed this unusual looking steel house that indistinctly resembles some type pig-like creature which is made out 110 tons of steel. Bruno took 23 long years to build this house.

  4. 3. The Fallingwater, Pennsylvania: $155,000 (1935) – $2,695,716 (2014) The house was designed by the by an American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 for the Kauffman family. This family owned the recognized Kaufmann Department store, and they used to spend their vacation days nearby the bear stream in the small cabin. Later they thought to make the cabin little modernized and they hired Wright for completing the task.

  5. 4. VW Beetle House: $1.4 Million This beetle house was built by the Master Builder Markus Voglreiter and it was situated in Gigi, near Salzburg, Austria. If you are not able to make it out, this house is inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle car.

  6. 5. The Toilet-shaped House: $1.1 Million Sim Jae-Duck is a late mayor of Suwon, South Korea, who was born in a restroom, thought to make a toilet shaped house of two-story to celebrate 2007 inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association. The people who live without toilets, get a great aid from this association who works to help provide clean, efficient and working sanitation system for more than 2 billion people.

  7. 6. Dog Bark Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho: $1 Million The dog bark inn is a beagle shaped house built in 2003 by the chainsaw artists, Dennis Sullivan, and Frances Conklin. This is a couple who earned their living by carving folk style dogs from the wood material and selling them.

  8. 7. The Mushroom House, Cincinnati, Ohio: $349,000 This mushroom house, also called as the tree house was designed by the architect terry brown who was a professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati. This mushroom house is located Cincinnati, OH.

  9. 8. The Nautilus House, Mexico City: $218,000 Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of ArquitecturaOrganica has designed this shell-inspired house near Mexico City. Senosiain, got the inspiration from the work of Lloyd Wright and Gaudí, seeing which he built up this building as a part of the concept that he pronounces as Bio-Architecture.

  10. 9. The Shoe House: $127,000 This wonderful shoe house was built by the extravagant millionaire Colonel Mahlon M., who was the “shoe wizard of York”, who used to invite the old people to stay in the house and live like kings and queens at his expenditure. Colonel Mahlon M. was initially a giant structural advertisement for Haines’.

  11. 10. Space Ship House, Chattanooga, Tennessee: $119,000 This house has been characterized in many newspapers, magazines and television shows including HGTV. This famous house is hanging on six cement pillars between which you can park your cars. Ample of small, square windows encircling the house give it more of a spacious feel and the front steps looks like a staircase which have been lowered from the ship.

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